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It's time to bake!!

Acrylic Cake Disk

Uneven cakes!  Not on my watch!  With these acrylic cake disks will give you the flat tops, sharp edges, and straight sides of a professional.


Cake Scraper Set

Looking to create a silky smooth finish or textures that shout “I’m a pro!”? These light-weight aluminum scrapers are your dream tool! 


Icing Spatulas

Ready to take your cake-decorating to the next level? Change out your bread knife for this beautiful set of rose gold icing spatulas.


Cake Lifter

Move your cake from the turntable to the cake stand without ruining your edges. 


Bistro Apron

Time to add a little more pink into your baking routine with my new Bistro Apron!


16" Piping Bag

Piping buttercream designs is a breeze with this re-usable silicone piping bag.


“My goal is to inspire you to give baking from scratch a try. I’m all about, if I can do it, you can too!”

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