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"CAKE, by Courtney" Cookbook

"CAKE, by Courtney" Cookbook

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Years in the making, my cookbook is finally here! I'm so excited to share my favorite recipes with you in 8 chapters of delicious goodness! You'll also find all my go-to tips for baking the best tasting cakes and decorating the most beautiful looking cakes in a full chapter of written and picture tutorials and instructions. 

This 416 page cookbook is filled with pictures, how-tos, and 170 recipes for cake layers, fillings, buttercreams, and toppings. 
I can't wait for you to dive in and bake. My hope is that you'll connect with the recipes, the stories, the pictures, and the process - and most of all, that the kitchen becomes your happy place, like it's become for me. 

XO, Courtney 
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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Leimomi Robinson
Beautiful Photos, Most Logical and Easy to Follow Cook Book I Have Ever Owned. A True Keepsake!

Perfectly arranged in such a logical and user friendly way. Each and every recipe has a photo of not only the cake in its entirety on a stand, but what we all want to see, the cut slice with the layers! She also begins the book with a ton of great tips, just like what you would learn in a baking class. The first 50 pages are devoted to teaching and helpful tips and tools to use to be successful. Courtney has always been so generous sharing her recipes online. Many chefs and bakers do not divulge all the best methods and practices to be truly successful. They like to keep a few tricks for themselves. Not the case with Courtney. She shares it all and it makes me in turn want to share my successful hints with everyone too that I have gleaned from her recipes. Then we get to the recipes. Each cake has the ingredients listed, grams included which I love. The ingredients for the frostings and fillings are also listed. Then comes the directions to make each layer. Lastly is the assembly. Such a fun and great way to follow along. Each cake follows the same sequence so it is predictable and super easy to follow. I must admit, I was always a pie girl but now that I have tried and made many of her recipes successfully with great compliments from friends and family, I may have become a "convert" to cakes!

Nicole Wilson
Worth every penny

This book is a cake bible it’s amazing! I was a little nervous since I’m
Just starting out but it’s super easy to follow


Haven’t made any of them yet but love reading it all.

Maya Jensen
Amazing cake book!

I love everything about this cake book. I like the simple detailed instructions, how the measurements are also in grams, the stories in every cake and pictures. I can tell Courtney gave all her love, time and dedication ( her everything) to this book.

Hannah Shepherd
Bakes Cake, Throws Party!

There are so many great things to say about CAKE! Every recipe has a great little story, the photos are beautiful and inspiring and Courtney effortlessly guides you through to the entire process. She’s thought of every little detail to share in order to build your confidence and help you find success! Courtney’s clearly a Cake Artist, but she’s a Cake Scientist in my mind! My advice is this: take notes in your book, don’t skimp on ingredient shopping, and definitely throw a little soirée to have guests over and enjoy the fruits of your new hobby!